Samsung Note 3 Hard Reset to Factory Settings

How to Hard Reset your Samsung NOTE 3

The Samsung Note 3 is an Android based smartphone which was unveiled to the world in 2013.  This cell phone sports a 5.7" Full HD Super AMOLED screen, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  The Note 3 came in 2 colours, White and Black.  The Black has the leather backing where as the white came in a plastic backing.

From time to time a Hard reset of a cell phone can reset the entire phone and put it back to factory settings.  Sometimes they call it factory reset.  Nonetheless, a factory reset is one thing you can do if your phone is acting up.

Please note:  the factory reset or hard reset of the phone WILL remove EVERYTHING from the phone.  This may cause you to lose contacts, images etc that you may stored on your phone.

How to Hard Reset a Samsung Note 3:

Step 1: Power off your cell phone

Step 2: Remove your battery and re-insert it (not necessary, but it sometimes helps)

Step 3: hold both volume buttons up and down at the same time while also holding the power button: volume up + Volume down + POWER until the Samsung splash screen comes up.

Step 4: with the volume buttons, select "Wipe data/Factory reset" and the power button to select.

Step 5:  Choose "Yes" when promted

Step 6: after the reset is complete press the power button to reboot

And there you have it.  Your Note 3 is now Hard reset back to its original settings.

BlackBerry 9320 Curve Hard Reset

How to Factory Reset a BlackBerry 9320 Curve

A Factory Reset or Hard Reset means that it will erase the entire phone and restore it to Factory settings.

The BlackBerry 9320 Factory Reset will erase your entire phone.  Please be cautious.

Step 1: Go to Options.  The image of a wrench

Samsung Galaxy Q Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy Q Factory Reset

This tutorial will show you how to perform a Hard Reset on a Samsung Galaxy Q.  The Galaxy Q factory reset will delete all content from your cell phone, so please be aware that we are not responsible for any lost data.  Do this on your own risk!

There a few simple steps in order to perform a Hard Reset on the Samsung Galaxy Q.

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy Q Go to into your applications

Galaxy S 2 Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Hard Reset

The Samsung Galaxy S ii has to be one of the best Android devices out till date.  Only the Galaxy Nexus has taken this phone for the run.  The Galaxy S 2 sports a sexy screen with a blazing fast processor.  Koodo's to Samsung for this model.

To hard reset a Samsung Galaxy S 2
1. Turn on the Galaxy S 2 and then in the phone dialer you will  Enter the following numbers:

Hard Reset MyTouch

Hard Reset on MyTouch will erase your entire MyTouch and restore to factory settings.  These settings are pretty much how the phone was when you bought it brand new.  There will be no user data and this can solve many issues that may occur from bad apps or a downloaded virus.

From the phone powered on.
After you unlocked your phone you will then press the Menu key.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hard Reset

The  Galaxy Nexus is Google's latest phone and the only one so far that is shipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.2.  Samsung was the supplier of the hardware based off their galaxy models with Super AMOLED 4.65" touchscreen.  After the Jelly Bean update which introduced us to the Google Now.  The Google Now feature is extremely brilliant, I have been using this for some time now and can tell you Google Now makes my life just little easier.
I setup meetings in my Google Calendar along with the meeting's address.  "I am meeting Mr Smith 1 pm, Thursday September 7, 2013 at 46 Cummings St, Toronto, M4M1N1.  I live at Don Mills and York Mills.  At 12:30pm my phone alerts me that there is some traffic and i should be laving now so I can make the meeting on time.
This new Android OS is one sweet looking operating system.  Google has done wonders with this.  This tutorial will show you how to Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hard Reset

Before we start, I suggest that the phone have at least 50% of battery life left.  Secondly, you must understand that you will be losing all data that you have put into the Galaxy Nexus as this will restore to factory settings.

Turn the Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone on with at least 50% battery life.  Slide to unlock or show your pretty face, if you have lock screen enables.

Samsung Galaxy Reset

This Hard Reset will show you how to Samsung Galaxy Reset. You may want to perform a Hard Reset to Restore to Factory Settings. Sometimes due to viruses, bad apps etc. your cell phone may become somewhat unstable, so a good solution for this is to perform a Samsung Galaxy Reset.

First you must turn your Samsung Galaxy cell phone off by holding the power button. In some cases its best just to remove the battery for about a 10 seconds then put it back in without turning the Galaxy cell phone back on.
Then you will need to press and hold the Volume Down key while you press and release the power button.
You will then get a list of options. You will choose Clear Storage by tapping the volume down button and select your option by tapping the power button.
now choose YES if you would like to proceed in the Samsung Galaxy Reset by tapping the volume up or down button and then again tap the power button to accept it.

This tutorial was created to teach you how to Samsung Galaxy Reset.

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Reset iPod Touch

If your iPod touch has froze and nothing seems to be working, i mean its totally inactive.  Batteries are charged and everything seems to be fine, but your iPod froze while I was playing a game.

The solution for your problem is a reset. This will restore to factory settings.

Ipad Hard Reset

If your Apple iPad is not responsive or stuck on an app and you have already tried to press the home button or the power button to turn your iPad off, then you should try to perform a soft reset first.  The soft reset will not remove any data from your device.  This is probably the safest way to reboot your Apple iPad 2.

Master Reset Hard Reset


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