How to Master Reset a Nokia E66 or Nokia E66-2 hard reset Nokia e66

reset to factory settings

nokia E66 Nam 1 Nam 2 Nam 3
From time to its good to reset your device, especially if you have downloaded apps to your device or games.  Sometimes viruses can cause your phone to malfunction and a good factory reset could do the trick. 
To perform a master reset on your Nokia E66 master reset, Nokia E66 hard reset cell phone or Nokia E66-2 hard reset cell phone you will need to:

To master reset your Nokia e66 reset, on your cell phone you
dial *#7370# or *#7780#

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eneter your Nokia e66 master reset factory reset cell phone factory reset code (default is 12345)
Your Nokia cell phone is now factory reset

NOTE: Performing a Master Reset factory reset on any Nokia Cell phone will Nokia hard reset clear your Nokia cell phone and erase the Nokia cell phone completely including contacts, pictures, videos etc.  Once your Nokia cell phone, Nokia E66 is master reset you can enjoy your Nokia cell phone.  Factory reset can solve many software malfunction on your  Nokia cell phone E66, Nokia E66.  Please make sure that this is what you want to do as this erase cannot be undone and not reversible 

nokia e66 hard reset


  1. it worked!!! I had some virus and Nokia wasn't helping. This was fast and worked like a charm

  2. My nokia e66 does not recognise that code when i punch it into the home screen.

    other codes work for identifying other things like bluetooth address, macaddress, etc, but not that hard reset one??

  3. it worked like a charm :)

  4. anyone know how to hard reset if the unit does not turn on? like in series 60 nokia 6680, you just have to press call,*,3 and power at the same time....

  5. Works - no problem at all. Thanks!

  6. worked a treat for me!

  7. i hve done soft reset for the phone.. but its not starting up(turn on) now.. :-(...

    Please Help!!!!!!

  8. worked for me mofos!

  9. It worked fine for me !
    Afert 2 years using it fine, I changed it for a new Windows Phone 7 HTC Mozart !

    Thanks again !

  10. Excellent free help on master reset my nokia e66. its all back to factory settings now so its also called a factory reset nokia e66 or a hard reset nokia e66

    Thanks master reset

  11. worked fine, but you should add that it takes some time until the process is finished cuz i thought it was stuck and good that i didnt remove any battery and spoil the mobile ;)

    anyway thanks

  12. its all do default factory format process take place
    swich off ur mobile and hold pressing dial,*,3 buttons together and switch on the mobile

  13. this is work on nokia e66 hard reset and remove virus i download from internet on my nokia e66 cell phone. now my nokia e66 cell phone is happy.

    i used this instructions for nokia e66 hard reset

    thank you
    reset site

  14. Thanx alooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  15. This is friggin amazing son, Thanks for the information on the Nokia e66 reset. I clicked on a few ads to keep you going so you can continue to keep this page alive. I'm looking to get a new cell phone next month, any suggestions? I was going more towards the Google Nexus S, What do you think?


    Mr. Master Reset

  16. in my E66 all left side busttone "sim1 and sim2call buttons, home button and left navigation key" all now working you feel them going down when pushed" bt not function.
    any comment...

  17. The reset code not working i type 12345
    and it says code error please help me!

  18. im one of viewer here, ahm problem was my phone always storing the headset on my phone eventhough the headset is already out of my phone... then why is this? i need your help... thanx


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