How to Master Reset G2 or a Hard Reset G2 on a HTC G2, HTC Hero G2, HTC Hero

reset to factory settings

This is how to perform a Master or Hard reset on your G2, HTC Hero, hard reset HTC Hero G2. whatever you call it!

Here’s what to do:

1- Turn your HTC Hero hard reset cell phone (either by removing the battery or shutting down the HTC hero G2 hard reset by holding the "end call" button for few seconds.)
2- While being turned off, hold the "home" (house) and "back" (the arrow in the lower right corner)
3- Hit briefly the "end call" button" while still holding the "home" and "back" buttons.
4- Release the "home" and "back" button, a white screen containing technical information should appear, with a red message asking for hitting the "menu" button.
5- Hit the "menu button", the HTC Hero G2 master reset will now boot with factory settings.

Performing a Master Reset Hero 2 Hard Reset Hero on any Cell phone will Factory
reset Hero Factory clear Hero your cell phone and erase the cell phone completely including
contacts, pictures, videos etc.  Please understand that once a Hard Reset or a Master Reset Factory Reset is performed this cannot be undone!

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