How to Master Reset a Google Nexus S, Hard reset Samsung Nexus S, hard reset Nexus S

reset to factory settings

Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S

To perform a master reset on your GOOGLE NEXUS S hard reset, GOOGLE NEXUS S MASTER RESET you will need to:

You can start here with a Master Reset on your GOOGLE NEXUS S cell phone:


  1. With the phone on At the Home screen, tap Menu button. Next, go into Settings and tap on the Privacy settings.
  2. In the Privacy options, tap the Factory Data Reset option.
  3. Choose and Tap the Reset Phone option. Enter the required information and finally tap Erase Everything. After doing so, your Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S should be returned to factory settings.

  1. Power down the your Nexus S (if its already on).
  2. Then, While holding the Volume UP button, press and release the Power button.
  3. A menu will appear with various options. Choose Clear Storage by using the Volume Down button.
  4. Press and release the Power button once more, and confirm the decision with the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons.

Factory Reset Google Nexus Master reset, Samsung Nexus S reset:

On your Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S reset:

Once your GOOGLE NEXUS S, SAMSUNG NEXUS S has fully rebooted master reset, all prior information should be erased from the device and it should be restored back to the default

Performing a Master Reset on any Cell phone Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S will Master
reset/clear your phone and erase the phone completely including
contacts, pictures, videos etc.  A Master reset can solve many cell phone issues you may have with your Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S cell phone master reset.  Hard reseting your cell phone can also remove cell phone viruses that may occur on your Google Nexus S, Samsung Nexus S cell phone.  Your hard reset Samsung Nexus S, Google Nexus S master reset will remove all data from your hard reset Nexus S cell phone.


  1. amazing google samsung nexus s reset.


  2. It worked! my Google Nexus S is now reset to factory settings. The problem i had was that i downloaded a virus through some free app. I couldnt do anything, this helped free my Google Nexus S Master Reset.

    Thanks Mr. Master Reset

  3. I had a virus too on my Google nexus s and i couldnt do anything until i did this master reset on the Nexus S. Now my Google Nexus S is running virus free and all master reset. The cool thing is that all my apps came back once i logged in my phone with my gmail account again. That is super cool. I owe u a beer!

    thanks master reset

  4. this is sick yo. nexus S now free to work as it should after master reset

    thanks dude

  5. Great! I think i had a damn virus on my Google Nexus S which forced my to do a hard reset on it. The Virus was so bad that my Nexus S couldn't even go past the lock the screen, so i had to use method 2 to hard reset my Nexus S. Well, after the Hard reset my Nexus S runs awesome now. Is there a good antivirus for this Nexus S so i don't have to hard reset my Nexus S every time i download a virus?

    Thanks again for the info.


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