How to Hard Reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

How to Master Reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Method 1.
Perform a hardreset in Settings menu of the phone.
1. click menu then Settings

2. From there select Privacy
3. Now choose the Factory data reset option at the bottom of the list

Method 2.
if method one doesn't work for you, then method 2 would be a sure winner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab hardreset method 2
A. Turn off the device.  When the device is off, press and hold the Volume Up and the Power buttons.
B. then release the Power button then you see the Samsung logo, you will continue to hold the Volume Up button until the recovery screen shows up.
C. You need to use the Volume up and down buttons to navigate the recovery menu and select the wipe data / factory reset feature by Pressing choosing the Home selection.
D. Press the  Volume Up button to continue.
Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 should now go through the hard reset process and this process could take some time.


  1. I called Samsung support this morning and they informed me that they will not support the device until it launches which is quite lame. I've basically given up trying to find the correct 3-button combo to bring up the restore screen and focused more on the fastboot and Odin3.

  2. I also have contacted Samsung and they couldn't help me with this until the first method. That worked for me. I think Samsung makes terrible devices. It looks like i'll have to hard reset my samsung tab every 6 months to get it the way i want it.

  3. thanks. The hardreset worked!


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