Ipad Hard Reset

If your Apple iPad is not responsive or stuck on an app and you have already tried to press the home button or the power button to turn your iPad off, then you should try to perform a soft reset first.  The soft reset will not remove any data from your device.  This is probably the safest way to reboot your Apple iPad 2.

On your iPad 2 you will hold the power button which is on the top and the home button simultaneously until the iPad 2 turns off and reboots.  If an app causes this crash, i strongly suggest removing the app or send the developer an email for them to fix the problem before using the app again.

Hold the Power button and home button simultaneously and the iPad will reboot, this is considered a soft reset since you will not lose any information on your Apple iPad 2.

If you want to restore to factory settings then all you need to do is plug your iPad into your computer and launch iTunes, from there you will locate your iPad and choose restore, which will then restore to factory settings.

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